Sharon Carol Demery

painting by SCDemeryOne of the most challenging issues painting has accepted is the creation and depiction of pictorial space. The range of solutions to this singular problem spans the entire history of art, and is as diverse as the individuals who produced them.

Sharon Carol Demery's work develops from a similar synthesis of elements, but succeeds by depicting images which can be abstracted yet retain their cohesiveness. For this reason it is possible to speak of a richness of surface in Demery's work which is lacking in much Photo-Realist painting.

Demery's soft images of fabric grew out of a genuine concern for the material. She had pursued tapestry as an art form for a long time and these early works established her interest in real images as well as defining a process for building these images from distinct forms and colors. Demery's paintings attempt to create the illusion of real objects, not their mere representation.

Arts Magazine, Michael Blaine